Do you run a nursery, playgroup or other kids’ organisation?  Would you like some high quality modern pictures of the children for parents to buy?  Are you fed up being let down by the “other” companies?

You need Kidography.

This page explains what we do, how we do it and why you should choose us.  But it’s really only part of the story – for the full picture please give Toni a call on 01689 221 102 or drop her an email.  She’ll be delighted to talk through the options with you and arrange a visit to discuss further.

The process

Jonathan will arrive at your nursery at an agreed time on an agreed day – you choose the day and time and he’ll be there!

He needs a space of about 4 metres square to set up his equipment though smaller spaces are possible.  For health and safety reasons this can’t be in a corridor or high traffic area.  Toni will find a suitable space when she visits.  He’ll also need a 3 pin plug socket to run all the flash and the help and assistance of your team on the day to get all the children in place and looking their best.  A cup of coffee would be nice too if you’re making one :)

Jonathan will then photograph the children – there are many variables but as a rough guide if there are more than about 60 children or a very large number of babies then it might take 2 days.  Usually everything is done in less than one day.

Within 7 days you’ll receive proofs for the parents by your agreed method.  Parents are then able to view their pictures either online or on proof cards and buy copies either by returning the money to you or via our website (the choice is yours).  Pictures can also be delivered via the nursery or direct to the parents.  Again, it’s your choice.  You can have total control or leave everything to us.

The difference

Let’s face it, there are a number of companies offering a similar service.  There are 3 main ways that Kidography are different from any other company working in this area making us unique.


Sounds a small thing but we’ll turn up when we say we will.  We call it good manners and good business. So you won’t get a call the night before postponing the shoot unless it’s a genuine emergency.  Proofs will be with the parents on time and prints will be delivered promptly.  And if they aren’t we’ll contact you beforehand to let you know what the delay is and when you can expect things to happen.

You can also depend on our photographer.  Jonathan has a huge experience of nursery photography – so he’ll be the one taking the pictures.  We won’t show you photos by our “team” of photographers and then send you a random one on the day. Choice of photographer is probably the most important thing in making sure the parents are delighted with the pictures – why leave it to chance who you will get?

(Oh and of course all the team have a valid CRB checks.)


Want proof cards?  No problem.

Prefer online proofing?  Sure (all our pictures are stored on secure servers with randomised password access – basically nobody will see the pictures apart from people authorised to do so.  That’s why you won’t see pictures on this site unless we have explicit permission from the parents.)

Want a mix of the two?  Of course.

And how about collecting the money?  If you’re happy with the traditional envelopes of cash that’s fine.  If you’d rather have something a bit more 21st century (like SSL, online payments, proper credit card facilities) then that’s no problem either.

We can even create custom packages and products to suit you.  There’s no huge company here – just a small group of people doing what they can to make the process easier for you.


We don’t have a big office, we don’t have a huge sales team, we don’t spend enormous sums on advertising, committees and overheads.  Which means we can charge a fair price for the work we do.

This means higher commissions for you and lower prices for the parents.  And because every picture is hand checked to look fabulous we find that despite our lower prices, parents are happy to spend a little more on their orders.  Which means more commission for you.

Hmm.  Lower prices for parents, more money for you and a quality of photography you may never have experienced before?  Yep. You need Kidography.

Call or email Toni to get started today.

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Like photography but more fun! Kidography is the brainchild of top wedding photographer Jonathan Ryan. Several clients wanted him to photograph their children in his unique and fun style. You can check out his wedding work at MyWeddingStory.